jueves, 24 de septiembre de 2015

Tips for having a great time at the beach!

• Before entering the sea, look at where they are located or rescue aid stations. Observe and take into account the color of the flag that flies over them: Green: calm surf and suitable for swimming. Yellow: Caution. Red: dangerous and unfit to enter the water.• Always follow the warnings of the lifeguards. Ignoring paging announcements or whistle.• Playing sports only in those areas of the beach, designed for it.• If you bring your pet, be sure to use leash and collect their waste.• Within the sea, away from areas where water sports (jet skis, sailboats, etc.) are practiced.• Upon reaching the beach, watching the signs which are explained its features and recommendations to follow, as well as times of lifeguards and emergency phone numbers. These panels are placed at the main entrances or in the towers of lifeguards.• Keep your children in sight and always accompany them into the sea.• Use proper shoes if you walk on the rocks or cliffs and not jump into the water from them.• Make sure no littering. Bring a plastic bag to collect both yours and that of others you see around. This is extremely helpful to the ecosystem.• Dose sun exposure, wearing protective creams and drinking fluids regularly.

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